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Mitchell likes acting because she likes entertaining people and making them happy. She has had acting experience in both theatre and films.
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Personal Information:

Age Range : 10 to 14 years
Height: 146 cm / 4 ft 8 inches
Dress : Aus / UK
Waist : 12 Aus / 11-12 UK
Top/Shirt : 8 Aus / 8 UK
Pants/Skirt: 6 Aus / 6 UK
Shoes: Aus / UK
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue / Green

Additional Information:

Acting, Singing and Modelling. playing Video Games, playing sports, Meeting Friends, Maths, Art.

Mitchell's new role as a co-host presenter for a upcoming TV Series see's her working hard as a TV Presenter interviewing celebrities and hitting the streets with some electric Vox-Pop styles.

Special Skills:

Sports, Swimming, Basketball

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