Tahlia Rcomp-card-icon

Tahlia is a Talented and well respected young lady who has a beautiful natural personality. She is well liked and commended on her maturity and a delight to be around and work with. She is a hard and dedicated worker and a beautiful young lady. She has a natural and kind personality that draws people to her.

Personal Information:

Age Range : 13 to 17
Height : 159 cm / 5 ft 2 inches
Weight : 41.5 kb / 91.5 lbs
Dress : 4/6 Ladies - 10/12 Girls
Hair Colour : Light Brown
Eye Colour : Green

Personal Interests:

Reading, Writing Stories, Poems, Dancing, Drawing, Piano, Singing, Going Out, Loves People, Pets, Watching Movies, Travelling, Swimming, Lunching and Spending time with friends.

Special Skills:

Sports, Bike Riding, Horse Riding, Dancing, Swimming, Laughing, Back Flip, Brownie, Leaps and Flexibility. Memorising things at short notice, Surfing, Cheer Leading, Playing the Piano and Netball