Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ ~ Kids

Last night we had a surprise of our lives, invited down to Perth's St Stephen's School to see our young XLR8 Actor Rhylan perform in a school production.

Wow, are all the words we can bring to mind at the moment, from the moment we entered the all being led through a 'Cave' like opening with the sounds of monkeys, elephants and loins coming from all around us.  Passing through shrubs and images of African animals, we turn the corner with the animal calls getting louder and all of a sudden there is a Giraff's head and two front legs peering over the wall of our 'cave corridor' watching us enter and popping along to the music.  If the unsuspected entry to the venue wasn't enough the production began with a blast of colour, sound, song, so many animal probs to a life size elephant all made by the students of the school.  Each and every one of these children showed nothing less than dedication, excitement, and great talent through out this entire production.

Enter stage, Rhylan - playing  'Scar' a lead role.  Filling the room with his deep strong voice, and complicated character with a crazy sense of humour he was so good it was scary.  Rhylan showed us another side of his character we had never seen before, and no were not talking about that fact he was a lion either!  Its amazing how for such a young age he can easily channel the background and compilations of a deep troubled character and understand the meanings of which they come, leaving the audience on the edge of their seat one minute and bursts of laughter the next.

That wasn't all for the friends and family of students from Perth's St Stephen's School, This special production of Disney's 'The Lion King' ~ Kids was also streamed live across the globe.  Friends and family from all over the world were able to watch their loved ones in action.

A wonderful night had by all who attended and most importantly each and every one of those students having the time of their lives.