Niall C

About Niall

Niall first found his interest in performing at the young age of 5 back in the UK when he performed as one of the Kings children in the amazing show, “The King & I". This naturally lead Niall to perform in many musicals over his childhood including: Charlie & the chocolate factory | Grease | Annie | Christmas Pantomime | Singing performances.

With a fire burning of underlying passion for performing & learning lines for productions with ease, it was not something he could ever put out! When the big to move to Western Australia on its way Niall wasn't sure how his acting & singing hobby would pan out. That was until he started at a secondary school that provided its own performing arts department Niall to continue this burning passion to perform.

Personal Information :

Age Range : 11 to 17
Height : 162 cm / 5 ft 4 inches
Chest : 85 cm / 34 inches
Waist : 75 cm / 30 inches
Suit : 34 Jacket
Shoes : 8.5 Aus
Hair Colour : Light Brown
Eye Colour : Blue

Additional Information:

In June 2014 Niall auditioned in Fremantle for a Talent Academy hoping to be selected to travel to Los Angeles to perform in front of elite Managers & Agents. The turnout was outstanding, out of 100's of children Niall was chosen to travel to LA in January 2015. This was an amazing opportunity & a chance for Niall to show & excel his talent on an international level.

Over the 5 days of performances in Los Angeles, Niall excelled! Receiving 34 call-backs from Managers & Agents in the USA. He was also chosen to perform at the LA showcase out of hundreds of children, & most excitingly auditioned for the Disney channel & Nickelodeon.

Niall received a call back from Sony music after receiving top singing performer in his age category, and is still auditioning through his manager at Hines and Hunt in La which he video links through for auditions.