Summer Modelling by the Seaside

The beginning of the year brings new photo shoots and opportunity’s for many models around the world.

XLR8’s model Tahlia stared the year off quickly, warming up her body in the warm sunshine of the shores of WA with photographer Steve Green of Glamshot Photography Studios.

It’s not all fun and tanning mind you, models work very hard out there the sun twisting body limbs there and there and holding in awkward positions for longer than your body will want to, as the nerves shakes and the annoying flies hover around your face!  It’s the hard work of the serious models that persevere through the aches and pains to get the most beautiful results of all time!

And we must credit the hard work of the photographers too!  They are sitting, standing crouching here there and everywhere in such uncomfortable positions, all to get that ‘winning’ shot.  They must carry their equipment through rough terrain and thick boggy sand and we never hear them complain!

If you have some modelling images by the beach we would love to see them!  Contact us here.

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