The Hidden Talents of Models

In this industry we find talent everywhere, and its becoming more and more apparent that when you find someone who can excel at one thing they generally have a few other talents up their sleeves!

Take our model Simeon, he is a superb XLR8 Model but also finds himself being booked for Acting work as well.

Yes it is possible model can both Act and Model  and be good at both.  There are more similarities than most people would think.

XLR8 Actors Model Talent Management director Lynda often meets models on a set of a film as extra's.  "I every day we were on set I met at least 2-3 models who had been sent there by their agents to be an extra and some had even done acting classes to build up their confidence and presence.  At first I was shocked but then it made complete sense to me, I asked them if they thought it has been worth while for their modelling career.  Each and everyone one of them said yes and they were happy they had done so, even the ones that didn't want to at first"

It pays to look further than what is presented or written on a resume to bring the true potential out of someone, you never know where it may lead.

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